About Remo Recover - Data Recovery Software

Remo Recover (Windows) combines the features of both undelete software and partition recovery software. The software is not only capable of recovering deleted files, but also competent enough to restore lost data from deleted / missing partitions or re-partitioned hard drives.

The software can recover files of different formats including media files like photos, RAW image files, music and video files, even from the most severe data loss scenario using Raw search.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Storage Recovery
    You can recover files from multiple storage locations. While there are no guarantees that a file is not permanently lost or damaged, Data Recovery attempts recovery of files that were deleted including those that were on peripheral devices.

  • Multiple File Type Support
    With Data Recovery you can recover all types of multi-media files and office documents, as well files that were encrypted, compressed, or sent to the Recycle Bin.

  • File Preview
    You can get a visual confirmation that you have recovered the right file. After performing a scan you can get a preview of the files that are detected by holding your mouse cursor over the item.

  • Email Recovery
    Data Recovery includes the ability to scan for emails so that you can see what email messages are recoverable. With Data Recovery Pro version you can recover emails that are detected from the scan. Email support includes PST files (.pst) or Outlook Express file system (.dbx). Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Vista Windows Mail are supported.

  • Formatted Partition Recovery
     You can recover files that are on an old partition. This includes formatted media and partitions that have been re-partitioned or formatted.

  • Easy Recovery File Location
    All files that are recovered are stored at one location that you can easily locate. You can choose where you want the Recovery folder located.

  • Full or Quick System Scans
    You can choose to run a full or quick scan to address your system needs, and each can be set to run on a separate schedule.

  • Custom System Scans
    You can customize how Data Recovery Pro scans your system by selecting only the items you want to be scanned. There is a list of locations that you can check or clear before running a system scan.

  • Automatic Scanning with the Scheduling Tool
    With Data Recovery Pro you can create schedules so that a full and quick scan are run daily or weekly.

  • Automatic Updates
    Data Recovery Pro will automatically update when one is available so you never have to wonder whether or not your software and definitions are up-to-date.

  • Service and Support
    Remo Data Recovery registered customers can receive assistance from our technical support team.